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Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator -

Is there a difference?

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Surprise! He got down on one knee. You said yes! You jump into wedding planning mode with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. You begin by making a list of things you must do. One list becomes another list, then another and another... Before you know it you are completely overwhelmed with the tasks of planning and organizing your most important day. Time to call in the experts! You google "wedding planners" in your area. The results show ABC Wedding Planner and XYZ Wedding Coordinator. Which do you choose? Is there a difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator? Yes, ma'am! There is a big difference, and it's best to learn the difference before you get too far in to what can quickly become the most stressful event you will ever host.  

The wedding industry offers a variety of professionals that specialize in each aspect of event hosting, and you will need a great team of vendors to help make your dream day a reality. If you want beautiful floral arrangements, you call a top-notch florist. If you need tables, chairs and linens, you call a reliable rental company. If you want amazing food with a staff to serve your guests, you call an award winning catering company. All of the research of individual wedding companies and meetings about their services can take a lot of time and effort. Many couples don't know where to begin or simply do not have the time for so many details. We are a working society, and we are BUSY people. If this sounds like you, you would certainly benefit from hiring a wedding planner.

A wedding planner will come in, no matter where you are in the planning stages, and help you find and book top vendors for your big day. We have done the research already. We work with multiple vendors every week, and we all have a list of preferred vendors just waiting for new clients. Wedding planners have relationships with other wedding professionals and will help you stay on budget by connecting you to the best vendors in your price range and by helping to negotiate contracts and/or services. A wedding planner will build timelines for you as you progress through the planning stages. A wedding planner will help you with logistics, details, tips & tricks, etiquette and all things wedding related. A wedding planner will attend meetings with or in place of their clients if needed. A wedding planner works as an advocate for their client in every aspect of the planning process. Your best confidant during your very busy season of wedding planning should, without a doubt, be a wedding planner. 

As the wedding approaches, a wedding planner will seamlessly transition in to a wedding coordinator. A wedding coordinator will spend weeks prior to the event finalizing details with each vendor ensuring they know what to expect when they arrive at the client's venue. A wedding coordinator will help the client with all last minute details that need to be buttoned up. On the big day, a wedding coordinator greets all vendors, coordinates set up of the venue(s), helps keep the bridal party to a previously established timeline, coordinates the ceremony and every aspect of the reception. A wedding coordinator will bring resolution to any problems that arise during the ceremony or reception, will tend to the needs of the bride and groom, will coordinate the evening send-off and oversee tear down of the event. You can relax while the wedding coordinator directs the evening.


If you are a bride, or couple, that likes to plan, tend to details, make lists and organize everything, you would find benefit in someone coming in just before the wedding to direct and execute your hard work. You should hire a wedding coordinator. If you are a busy bride who feels overwhelmed by the amount of preparation that goes into the planning and organization of a large event, you should definitely hire a wedding planner. You do not, however, need to hire both! When hiring a wedding planner, you will have someone working for you until the last guest leaves your wedding.  

If you are in doubt about your needs for your event, call us. We are wedding planners AND coordinators. We offer both services and will help you pick a package that is exactly what you need. Our business is Full-Time, which means we work for our clients every day, all day long. We do not schedule around "other jobs" and plan or coordinate weddings on the weekends.  Wedding/Event planning, and our clients, are our number one priority 100% of the time. Call Couture Events today and let us help you have the wedding or event you have always dreamed of! We will let you attend your event while we attend to your event.

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